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Brings a fresh perspective to the study of science, technology, and medicine in the ancient world, with 60 chapters examining these topics from a variety of critical and technical perspectives Begins coverage in BCE and includes sections on the later Roman Empire and beyond, featuring discussion of the transmission and reception of these ideas into the Renaissance Investigates key disciplines, concepts, and movements in ancient science, technology, and medicine within the historical, cultural, and philosophical contexts of Greek and Roman society Organizes its content in two halves: the first focuses on mathematical and natural sciences; the second focuses on cultural applications and interdisciplinary themes 2 Volumes.

Inhalt Introduction. The Creation and Destruction of the World. Motion and Energy. Nature and the Divine. Knowledge of Man. Greek and Roman Agriculture. Animal Husbandry.

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Oil and Wine Production. Cooking and Baking Technology. Food Storage Technology. Theories and Problems of Vision. Hydrostatics and Pneumatics in Antiquity. Ocean Rivers and Other Waterways.

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Classical Geology and the Mines of the Greeks and Romans. GrecoEgyptian and Byzantine Alchemy.

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Greek and Roman Botany. Ecology in the ancient Mediterranean. Unavoidably, articles differ widely in style, scope, and engagement.

Overall, the Encyclopedia treats less prominent authors more kindly. Many of the entries on fifth- to third-century celebrities of science are disappointing but then, more detailed information on those authors is easy to come by in other resources. Especially useful, on the other hand, are the entries on the different writings in the Hippocratic corpus, on pharmacy, and alchemy.

The discussions of anonymous texts and texts preserved in papyri will also be much appreciated. Owing to the wealth of facts collected, the Encyclopedia provides a kaleidoscopic image of ancient Mediterranean science, fractured in hundreds of snapshots that become synoptic only when used with the more than two hundred pages of indices.

This is where the truly encyclopedic spirit of the Encyclopedia shows: a fifty-five-page gazetteer discusses all places and regions named, including political history and secondary literature; a twenty-four-page glossary explains all terms that might be foreign to the reader see also the even longer index of medicinal plants at the end, in itself a tool much needed. In both cases, references to the entries enable a reverse use.

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You can now find ancient recipes that contain, say, Butcher's-broom Ruscus aculeatus , plus a precise discussion of the plant and a full bibliography. Similarly, a fifty-two-page time line lists all individuals included in chronological order, that is, provides the time-equivalent to the gazetteer, enabling geographic—synchronic as well as diachronic study of the material. Moreover, there are most useful lists of entries according to topics, enabling exhaustive topic-centered study. Lists follow that Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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