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The suites were also located at the bottom of a very steep hill. Lots of energy to get to the top of the hill which you must do to get to all the sites in Sultanahmet. We liked the Daphne hotel's service. Their staff was very helpful and pleasant even the guy at Sultanahmet Suites was a nice guy. We got two connecting rooms at the Daphne which was nice. One of the room's bathrooms had the same sewage smell though. It wasn't obvious the first two days but the second two, it was strong!

They also had a breakfast which was ok. I didn't like the fact that the food was kept uncovered for so long though.

Istanbul Place Apartments

Cheese, milk, yogurt these should be kept in refrigerated boxes or something to keep them from spoiling. The rooms however were clean and nice. They had a small roof terrace with a decent view of the Bosphorous. We asked the hotel to give us a wake up call so we could make our flight to Izmir, but they never woke us up. Fortunately, we had also set our iphone alarm. At least, they had our driver ready to take us to the airport. If you have any questions or want some honest advice, let me know! All in all, I'd give Istanbul a B-.

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There's some work the government should do to make Istanbul an A. Looks like you didn't see the same Istanbul as I see when I go there It's true that speaking a few words of turkish prevents you from these kind of bad things in the restaurants or anywhere else. In Turkey , as in the UK, children are expected to stand and let elder people sit down. Funny though - I've never read anyone complain about "sewage smells" in Istanbul before, apart from a recent review on the Sultanhamet Suites by somebody called deereyes from the Amman. Maybe you were both there at the same time.

I am sorry you didn't have a better time - and indeed you didn't seem to see the Istanbul that we see when we visit as someone else said, a bit of a culture clash too I suspect - but we all like different things and all reviews are equally valid as they are an individual's perception of the city.

Istanbul Place Apartments – your own little palace in istanbul

Istanbul is a busy, chaotic, crazy city - and in the height of the tourist season, it is very crowded indeed. For that reason, we visit off season so we are not standing in endless lines of people. When planning trips to the city this is worth serious consideration - especially if it is a first visit and you plan to see the sights - and so will be standing in lines. With regard to the street dog situation - yes this is a problem, as it is in many countries around the world.

Most of the street dogs you see in Istanbul now however have ear tags - which means they have been neutered - as there are organisations running trap neuter return programmes - far more humane than the indiscriminate and barbarically inhumane poisoning campaigns of the past.

For Luxury

Things are improving but any lasting management programme takes time, commitment and in such a huge city, lots of money! The cats however are less managed but do at least serve to keep down the rat population! These are often fed by local people, businesses etc. Not ideal - but sadly not internationally unusual either. Not everyone will love Istanbul - it isn't clean, shiny and organised nor is it some kind of historic theme park.

It is organic, bustling and often scruffy and rambling. It is real - full of real people - and in Sultanahmet they are often poor living in broken down but historic houses something we are not used to coming from the UK or US. It is however magical, evocative and unique. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your Turkey trip more than Istanbul. Our staff may also remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.

Thanks for being a part of the TripAdvisor travel community! Sorry you had such a bad time! But my good friend Busy-retired says Istanbul is not for everyone and how right she is. Turkey presented you with a culture shock I suppose. And definitely Turkey is not DC or Amman!

As Attagul says "deereyes" seems to be following you in Turkey wherever you go Or is it, by any chance, a multiple screen name?

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Turkey : not an easy trip to plan I'm hoping someone can help me. I've been having a difficult time planning our 2 week Turkey trip this July.

Europa Konvent – Bündnis Wirtschaft (BW)

I'm starting to wish we hadn't chosen Turkey for our summer vacation this year! For one thing, the hotels are very expensive! We usually travel in the U. In Turkey, our family of 5, is looking at having to reserve two rooms for at least double that amount!

With just 1 additional person, they are saying we'll have to reserve a second room. I'm even starting to contemplate faking that we're 4 and seeing how that works. My girls ARE twins, lol.

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Anyone have any ideas? We'd like to be in a good location and just get a clean room. I just have a couple of comments to make on this issue. My recent guests from Australia had been to Paris before coming to Turkey and they commented on how shocked they were at how filthy Paris was. After spending a week with me in a rural part of the country we then had a few days in Istanbul.

Top experiences in Tehran

They had no preconcieved idea's of how the city would be and were pleasantly surprised at how clean it was and how regularly rubbish was collected and the general cleanliness and tidiness of such a huge city. They were impressed also by the hygiene standards of a country which is often wrongly percieved as being dirty and having lower standards than European countries.

Even the toilets inside Grand Bazaar were an eye opener for their cleanliness and this in one of the oldest buildings in the city and possibly some of the busiest loo's in the city! They were not blind either to the obvious problems of the place and we discussed the difficulties the council faces in trying to solve them and they remarked that there are no easy solutions but that the local authorities should be commended for what they are achieving in Istanbul. They are certainly not Pollyanna types yet left Turkey with far more favourable impressions than you did and yet had done none of the pre trip homework that you had done.

Perhaps the difference is that they were happy to accept any culture differences they found and were not so quick to look for faults and didn't have an attitude problem thinking everyone was out to get them. Maybe in your research you asked too many material questions and not enough about Turkey and Turkish culture. One additional thing to note - things change fast in Istanbul. Hotels and restaurants change hands or change managers frequently, new ones open and old ones close, and so relying on guide books which will have been written at least a year before publication - or sometimes not updates from previous editions not surprisingly often leads to inaccurate information.

Use guidebooks for the maps and information on the sights and what to do the stuff that doesn't change , then come somewhere like TA for up to date info on hotels and restaurants. Tip: All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Profile Join. Log in Join. Istanbul Trip Report- the good, the bad and the ugly.

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