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In it began with the A, with an expected completion in Encyclopaedia of Islam Online by P. Bearman Editor ; Th. Bianquis Editor ; C.

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Bosworth Editor ; E. Heinrichs Editor Call Number: Print version 2nd ed. Comprehensive reference work in English on all aspects of Islam written by leading scholars. Contains thematic articles, biographies of key figures, definitions, illustrations, maps and more. Volume 1 is an A to Z sequence of articles on Islamic culture, religion, and people in the contemporary U. Articles cover major events, organizations, religious practices, and gender and family issues, and end with timely bibliographies.

Volume 2 reproduces primary documents on these issues.

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It is an encyclopaedic dictionary of quranic terms, concepts, personalities, place names, cultural history and exegesis extended with essays on the most important themes and subjects within quranic studies--Product contents. Oxford Bibliographies: Islamic Studies Offers peer-reviewed annotated bibliographies on the range of lived experiences and textual traditions of Muslims as they are articulated in various countries and regions throughout the world.

Bibliographies are browseable by subject area and keyword searchable. Contains a "My OBO" function that allows users to create personalized bibliographies of individual citations from different bibliographies. Esposito, editor in chief A collection of English-language reference resources on the Islamic world. O96 Plus, two classic interpretations of the Qur'an by A. Arberry and Abdel S. With more than alphabetically arranged entries written by an international team of specialists, the volume focuses on the origins and evolution of Islamic political ideas and related subjects, covering central terms, concepts, personalities, movements, places, and schools of thought across Islamic history.

Fifteen major entries provide a synthetic treatment of key topics, such as Muhammad, jihad, authority, gender, culture, minorities, fundamentalism, and pluralism. Ax R46 Earlier ed.

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Includes bibliographical references. The volume assumes no previous knowledge of the Qur'an, Islam or Arabic. Technical terms are explained in the text itself and the style of each entry is designed to be as self-contained as possible. Includes a substantial annotated bibliography providing a detailed guide to the most significant books, journals and articles in Qur'anic Studies.

The Oxford Handbook of Arab Novelistic Traditions is the most comprehensive treatment of the subject to date. In scope, the book encompasses the genesis of the Arabic novel in the second half of the nineteenth century and its development to the present in every Arabic-speaking country and inArab immigrant destinations on six continents. Editor Wail S. Hassan and his contributors describe a novelistic phenomenon which has pre-modern roots, stretching centuries back within the Arabic cultural tradition, and branching outward geographically and linguistically to every Arab country and toArab writing in many languages around the world.

The first of three innovative dimensions of this Handbook consists of examining the ways in which the Arabic novel emerged out of a syncretic merger between Arabic and European forms and techniques, rather than being a simple importation of the latter and rejection of the former, as early critics ofthe Arabic novel claimed. The second involves mapping the novel geographically as it took root in every Arab country, developing into often distinct though overlapping and interconnected local traditions.

Finally, the Handbook concerns the multilingual character of the novel in the Arab world and byArab immigrants and their descendants around the world, both in Arabic and in at least a dozen other languages. The Oxford Handbook of Arab Novelistic Traditions reflects the current status of research in the broad field of Arab novelistic traditions and signal toward new directions ofinquiry. Covers the fields of gender studies, Middle Eastern and Islamic studies.

Part VII. Covers Islam. Vaughan, Pauline Greenhill. More than alphabetically arranged entries written by more than expert contributors detail the world of women from girlhood to widowhood and everything in between. Muslim women throughout the world: a bibliography by Michelle R.

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Kimball, Barbara R. I74 K56x Boulder, Colo. General reference. Examines the art and architectural treasures of Cairo from the Arab to the Ottoman conquests Set within an historical narrative, the stylistic development of the visual arts is explained within changing religious, social, and political contexts. Examples of the decorative arts-ceramics, glass, woodwork, metalwork, textiles, and manuscripts-are examined from the Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo, and other major collections in Europe and the USA.

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