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Minow is ready for the SEC. Is Obama ready for Minow? Whoever gets the position, I hope they will be an advocate not only for large institutional investors but also for small retail investors. One of the benefits of increased involvement is increased legitimacy. Today the markets face their greatest failure of legitimacy since the Depression.


Many companies with the worst governance have no substantial institutional investors, leaving out a shareowner provision would leave shareowners without the tools needed to regulate their own interests. In his approach to regulations, Obama should look first to mechanisms, such as access, that promise high value with very little cost.

Whatever differences people have concerning the direction of corporate governance, it is clear that much comes down to the deliberations of a very small group of people — corporate directors. For many decades boardroom leadership came from the CEO who also chaired the board.

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Over the last several years, there has been a gradual change in board leadership structures. Examining the principles of four very prominent associations we find all recognize this shift to board empowerment. It is also fairly comprehensive, without getting bogged down in unreadable details. Ward keeps it brief and provides the reader with a good grounding to take the measure of our current trajectory. The book is chocked full of interesting statistics, legal requirements, but most importantly, opinions from experts who have faced the same problems your board is facing now.

For example, how important is it to name a new independent chair from existing board members? Plus, he provides a large number of valuable references and links to additional resources, like job descriptions for presiding directors, lead directors, and independent chairs. Luckily, boards have risen to the challenge by developing specialized skills and processes. How are governance, audit and compensation committees coping? Ward gives us an excellent picture of what is going on inside such committees, what problems they are grappling with, and how they are adapting to new demands.

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Rather, the other outside board members and major shareholders elected them to their leadership position, and the latter will lay claim to their loyalty… These next generation board leaders may not have all the answers when it comes to independent board leadership. Walden wants State Street to look back at this history. The letter transmitting their resolution included the following:. SSgA has stated publicly that it understands how ESG factors can affect companies financially and has heralded its investment in Innovest.

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The resolved portion of the resolution reads as follows:. The review should consider updating State Street policies. The results of the review, conducted at reasonable cost and excluding proprietary information, should be reported to investors by October I found it interesting to go onto the SSgA site to see what they are telling clients. How can trustees better understand the potential of climate change to affect their portfolios if State Street is out there opposing resolutions seeking such disclosures?

These agents will begin by performing shareholder-related services on behalf of activists or institutional investors—tasks such as contributing their own proxies or attending a shareowner meeting to present a proposal. Moving forward, field agents will contribute in a myriad of ways to the development, testing and implementation of a Global Proxy Exchange. Several are famous for those efforts.

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For example, the first agent named was John Cheveddan who learned at the arm of John Gilbert. This course has helped me streamline enterprise strategic intent better with the board. I was also able to communicate to my CEO how we have missed out on some important aspects of strategy. I really enjoyed the sessions and would like to implement the same in our board. We faced many of the issues and problems pointed out in the workshop.

Trainers have counseled a large number of clients at the SVP, EVP and president levels, and they've been uniformly pleased with the quality of advice and interaction. Existing board members who desire to govern more effectively and bring in new perspectives to exemplary governance Senior executives who want to get into board positions in the near future Executives who desire to become board members of startups and SMEs Regulatory advisors who want to discover new benchmarks of governance Company Secretaries and Chartered Accountants Executives in the C-Suite, Presidents, VPs and all functional heads.

Indian boards now face the dangerous mix of far tougher oversight demands, greater legal liability, and less time to deliver on them. Learn how family businesses can select from governance best practices to improve results, ease tensions, and shape succession policies. Here are the controls and tools your directors can use to spot risk, fraud, dangers and opportunities - custom designed for the unique role of the board. Real boardroom exercises: How do we handle a crisis?

How do we cope with a boardroom dispute? Is management telling us the truth? Ralph will certify participants as for completion of the master class based on an assessment test. Why the corporate board model became the world standard even if it is flawed. What roles do they lay out for a board and its members?

What good board and governance gems are hidden away in these codes? The hidden challenges -- and benefits -- of the Kotak governance report.

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The Structure and Workings of an Effective Board. How smart boards lay out schedules and agendas. Great global tips for better, more effective board meetings with less time and effort. Agenda design as a board power tool.

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The Board and Management. Working with your CFO, company counsel, auditors - what works best? Building and Evaluating Your Board of Directors. How to reach outside your networks to recruit strong board talents. How will Indian companies meet the new demand for board skills? Training and orienting your new members.

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